About us.

Having never sailed before, let alone owned my own boat, I have been on a very steep learning curve during the past 2 years! Very! Welcome to our “Sailing Information Station” where I will share my ongoing lessons learnt as a liveaboard!

About me? Adventurer, outgoing, curious about the world. South African born and bred. Am the proud owner of a 43 ft. yacht, not a fancy Med-superyacht, a solid, comfortable and cosy space I call my home.

Liveaboard full time, with my Swiss skipper/partner and we, are planning to sail the 7 seas (yes, there really are only 7), in the near future. He too has a boat, a 38-foot steel ketch, still deciding which boat will be the better option but mine is bigger and prettier so I think I might win that round. Captain Mike is a software developer currently working on yachtie apps to make our lives easier and we would love to have them “tested” by other sailors. Will be introducing them soon!

So this blog will be about day to day challenges (and there really are many!) of living on a boat plus how we are preparing the boat, and ourselves, for the Big Trip. So far, preparing ourselves seems to involve consuming huge amounts of whisky while we ponder the million-dollar question (no, no, not whether a “still” for making our own alcohol is on the must-have list )……when leaving our home port of Cape Town, do we sail left into the Atlantic first or right into the Indian Ocean? Watch this space!

The above was written in 2017.

A LOT has happened since. Rio, yacht rescue, losing the mast in the Atlantic.

Here is an update on where we are right now in 2021.

Captain Mike and Nikki.