5 things men should know about sailing with women

Ok, so you have found a woman who actually likes to sail, loves the ocean, gets a kick out of hanging on for dear life as the boat hurtles down waves at some ridiculous angle. Now, look after her. Its the little things that will make or break this relationship…

For example…..some of us have never sailed before, we might have done a course or two but we do not know it all (yet). So do not shout at me to “grab the sheet”, I will go and rip one off the bed in the cabin below. If you want me to do something with a ROPE then call it that! I will eventually know they are one and the same thing. Have patience.

If we feel confident enough to say we would like to helm, do not look at us with your mouth hanging open as if we have asked you to walk on water. It means we feel confident so let us do it. Do not go all “Me Tarzan, You Jane ” on us and beat your chest dramatically. We will not smash the boat, we got this!

When visitors come aboard and ooh and aaah over the boat you are proudly showing them , please show us off too, we are just as proud and yes, we like to feel important even if we trip on the jetty over those damn ropes we are trying to throw at you…I mean cast off..

Spoil us. Living aboard fulltime is hard work. We see to the provisioning, cleaning, cooking, make beds blah blah and yes, you look after the engine and important stuff, we know that and appreciate it, but taking us out for a seafood platter or good old fish (which we have not had to catch, gut, clean and cook) and chips will do wonders! Try it, promise it will make us happy!

We are not all born with Viking blood coursing through our (very strong) veins. We are however, adventurous, brave, tough, resourceful women who love the lifestyle, the ocean, the freedom, and if you are lucky, even you. Look after us with a whole lotta love, a thoughtful word or gesture from your partner goes a long way when you feel all alone in the middle of a big scary ocean. 

Last word, ladies , do the same thing for your man. Be kind and look after each other.

Captain patience and newbie Nikki.


P.S. Update. I am much better now. I know what a “sheet”is.


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