Testing our provisioning skills

Sometimes everything just seems perfect. Did our usual “shall we go for a sail into that magnificent sunset “ spontaneous decision last night and threw off the ropes around 9 pm.

My reasoning is, this is a good test of our provisioning skills, let’s see how we go with whatever we have in the galley cupboards.

Woke up this morning in the bay, misty morning, woffie ( yes, that would be a whiskey coffee) in bed gentle rolling of the boat …….cooked (well he did ), made up recipes, drank good red wine, listened to great music (very loudly), laughed a lot, spoke and spoke…..lying inside now looking up at the sky through the hatch, the cook is having a well- deserved nap. Feeling very peaceful and oh so very, very lucky.

Day 4 or is it 5? Lunch about to be served…..freshly baked seed buns...wish you could smell them….with balsamic and olive oil. Captain putting the finishing touches to the tuna, tomato, green peppers, Greek yoghurt salad. The buns were so simple I cannot believe it, 250 grams self-raising flour plus a dollop of Greek yoghurt until it forms a dryish ball. We added some sunflower and pumpkin seeds on top and baked. Incredible!

Pleasant breeze, nicely positioned so not too rocky in the wind, chilled day, Captain working on software app in between baking and doing the dishes, first mate lolling around reading up on other circumnavigators adventures.


Day 10. Yesterday was one of those spontaneous, glorious days where nature and the universe plus this magical boat were perfectly in tune.

We tucked in behind the harbour wall in Sandy Point on Friday evening, anticipating a change in wind direction during the night. Woke up to hauntingly beautiful saxophone sounds drifting across the water. A lone player on the end of the harbour wall, entertained us for ages while we had our morning woffie (no, that’s not a spelling mistake, it’s our daily morning coffee with a splash of whisky!!) Incredibly special.

Hoisted all 3 sails and followed the gentle wind all day. The highlight was seeing so many dolphins doing gold medal tricks, leaping into the air, backflips, full 360° turns, mind-blowing.

I cannot imagine living my life in any other possible way.

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