Sailing and Sunshine liveaboards – where in the world are we now?

Thought I would o a quick blog post to keep everyone up to ate with where we are and what we are up to.

June 2021.

We are at Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town, tucked into the marina but unfortunately directly opposite a monstrous container ship that has been having intense welding done on her 24/7. Not conducive to a good nights sleep. Anyway, it is safer than the immigration jetty we were on for 3 weeks, there was a lot of traffic there and a lot of rocking and rolling. We were both waiting for one of the supply boats to ram into us at any given time as they effortlessly spun the wheel and turned the boats on a dime.

It is interesting being in a working harbor and watching the activity. A brand new catamaran leaves this harbor every few days bound for the Caribbean. The mind boggles at the amount of yachties out there ordering these vessels.

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